Ceramics Services

 our-same-day-dental-crowns-onlays-and-ceramic-restorations-using-virtual-data-that-is-transferred-into-our-planmeca-fit-system-is-exactly-what-youve-been-looking-forSame Day Ceramic Crowns and Onlays

Do you need to have a broken or decayed tooth repaired, but can’t afford to take off for two separate appointments? Our same day dental crowns, onlays, and ceramic restorations are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What is CAD/CAM Dentistry?

 CAD/CAM technology allows Dr. Ricotta to create and design a digital replica of your smile and plan for customized restorations that can be made right here in our Amherst, NY dental practice.

The process is like having a traditional crown or onlay made, but it’s completed in one visit instead of two. After your tooth has been prepped, Dr. Ricotta uses a virtual scanner to take a 3D “impression” of your teeth. You can completely avoid the uncomfortable or goopy trays that often tickle your throat.

Extreme Precision for Every Patient

As the virtual data is transferred into our Planmeca FIT system, we can design the new restoration that is to be placed. Instead of sending your impression off to a lab, your information is imported into our in-house milling machine.

While you wait, a brand new crown or onlay is carefully and precisely carved out of a single block of ceramic. A short time later, Dr. Ricotta fits the crown/onlay over your tooth and bonds it permanently into place.

What to Expect from Your Same Day Crown

The micron-precise accuracy of the Planmeca system means that there are no opportunities for human error, and your customized restoration fits perfectly each and every time. Even the color of your new porcelain restoration can be customized!

Plus, you can avoid wearing a temporary crown for two weeks while we wait on a 3rd party lab to design your restoration. Everything is made and delivered on the very same day. This means fewer trips to our Amherst office and less time off work.

Don’t have to put your treatment off another day. Get a same day crown or onlay before your treatment needs turn into bigger problems. Call today to schedule a visit with Dr. Ricotta and find out if a same day ceramic crown is right for you. We’re open Saturdays!