Dental Fillings

Minimally Invasive Dental Fillings

Did you know that, according to the National Health Institute, cavities are the second most common health disorder, only slightly less common than the cold?  Chances are, at some point you’ll have one.  

Do you have a toothache?  Are you experiencing pain after eating something sweet, cold or hot?  

dental-patient-being-examined-for-cavities-that-are-often-found-during-recommended-routine-dental-cleaningsYou might have a cavity.  Cavities are often found during recommended routine dental cleanings, but should you experience tooth discomfort, we can help.  Please give us a call to make an appointment to get your smile back to feeling and looking its best.

Should a cavity be noted, Dr. Mary Ricotta will likely recommend restoring it with a small white filling before the cavity has a chance to spread.

In our comfortable and relaxed state-of-the-art facility, the decayed tooth portion will be removed and filled with a composite resin, custom-tinted to match your existing tooth.

Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings

Composite resin insures the structural integrity of your tooth, while blending in with your tooth, giving you a filling that won’t detract from your beautiful smile.  Composite fillings are beneficial and preferred because they:

  • Bond directly to the enamel surface of your tooth
  • Require less alteration of the tooth structure
  • Blend in with your existing tooth
  • Are smaller than traditional silver amalgam fillings
  • Allow the maximum amount of tooth structure to be preserved
  • Do not contain mercury, as silver amalgam fillings do

Maintain your beautiful smile!

composite-resin-insures-the-structural-integrity-of-your-tooth-while-blending-in-with-your-tooth-giving-you-a-dental-filling-that-wont-detract-from-your-beautiful-smileRoutine care is necessary to maintain good dental health, which is why it’s important to find a dentist you can trust and visit regularly.  Dr. Ricotta has 30 years of expertise and an established reputation for quality dental care.  If you’re experiencing tooth discomfort or simply needing routine dental care, please give our office a call.