Denture Options

as-a-prosthodontic-specialist-denture-recipient-happy-that-her-dentist-excels-in-providing-full-mouth-reconstruction-services-such-as-denturesAs a prosthodontic specialist, Dr. Ricotta excels in providing full mouth reconstruction services such as dentures.

Our denture options are designed with both function as well as aesthetics in mind. When patients visit our Amherst office for denture care, they receive an additional level of quality and expertise that only a specialist can provide.

Types of Dentures

Dentures are one of Dr. Ricotta’s favorite services to provide! Here are a few of the different types of denture services that our patients have access to:

Immediate Dentures

You shouldn’t ever have to go without a smile. That’s why we provide expert-designed immediate dentures that can be placed at the very moment you have any teeth removed.

Dr. Ricotta works closely with an oral surgeon to make this process as expedited as possible. First, we will take an impression of your mouth and have a custom appliance created. Then, you will have any remaining teeth extracted at the oral surgeon’s office. We will provide the oral surgeon with your denture so that it can be placed immediately following your dental extractions.

The next day, Dr. Ricotta will see you for a follow up, to make sure your dentures look and feel their very best.

Valplast / Flexite Metal Free Partials

Unlike conventional partials that use metal clasps to hold them into place, Valplast partial dentures offer a more comfortable, aesthetic option. Completely metal-free, these flexible acrylic partial dentures use materials that match both your natural teeth and gums. That way no one will notice dark lines or metal clips when you smile.

Implant Supported Dentures

unlike-conventional-partials-that-use-metal-clasps-to-hold-them-into-place-valplast-partial-dentures-offer-a-more-comfortable-aesthetic-completely-metal-free-optionWhether you’re looking for a removable overdenture or permanent implant supported dentures, we can help. Dr. Ricotta works closely with an oral surgeon who will place your implants before we deliver a customized prosthesis that resembles a beautiful, natural smile.
How can we help you smile with confidence? Call our office today to find out more! Be sure to ask about our Saturday appointments as well as financing options.