Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue lasers allow us to comfortably provide a wide range of services without having to involve surgical steps that may require longer healing or discomfort.

Cold Sores and Ulcers

do-you-have-a-cold-sore-popping-up-call-our-office-right-away-in-just-a-few-minutes-dr-ricotta-can-help-you-drastically-reduce-the-lifespan-of-your-cold-soreDo you have a cold sore popping up? Call our office right away. In just a few minutes, Dr. Ricotta can help you drastically reduce the lifespan of your cold sore. Lasers help to destroy the virus triggering the cold sore on or around your mouth, and allow your lesion to heal fairly quickly with less discomfort. Cut your cold sore time in half!

Tissue Recontouring

If you have a smile that looks uneven due to excessive or irregular gum margins, lasers can allow us to create an even gumline for a fuller, straighter looking smile. Tissue recontouring can be used alone, or combined with other treatments like veneers or porcelain crowns.

Crown and Bridge Treatments

Gently retracting excessive tissues around your new crown or bridge allows your fixed restoration to fit precisely where it needs to be, without creating gum irritation.

Dental Implant Therapy

Are you having reconstructive dental implant therapy? Dr. Ricotta can use lasers to gently clean up excessive tissue around your implants in order to provide more accurate impressions and fixed crown, bridge, or denture restorations.

Laser gum treatments are comfortable and take just a few seconds. If you are avoiding treatments like dental implants due to the surgical steps necessary – or just feel a cold sore popping up – call our dental office. Our FDA approved lasers are safe and effective for all of our patients! We’ll show you a gentler, more efficient way to enjoy a beautiful smile.