Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

whitening-your-smile-can-help-your-teeth-look-brighter-and-younger-in-just-10-14-daysWhitening your smile can help your teeth look brighter and younger in just 10-14 days. Our whitening treatments are great for smile makeovers, complimenting other types of cosmetic treatments (like bonding or dental veneers,) or even on its own.

Gently and safely lift stains caused by:

  • Coffee, tea, red wine, or soda
  • Tobacco products
  • Natural tooth development
  • Environmental factors
  • Age
  • Medication

If you are having other types of cosmetic treatment done, such as tooth bonding or porcelain crowns, you may want to whiten your teeth first, so that your new restorations match your lighter, brighter enamel.

Take Home Custom Whitening Treatments

Custom whitening trays are fitted to each tooth, holding a concentrated whitening gel over the entire surface. This gives you dramatic, even results that are far better than any over the counter product. All we need to get started is an impression of your smile! Then, wear your trays for an hour a day for up to two weeks, and then a few days every three to six months to touch up!

Pre-Loaded Whitening Trays

Opalescence Go uses prescription grade whitening gel in convenient, pre-loaded trays that you can wear anytime. For some of our patients, Opalescence Go is more convenient as it is ready on-the-go, without any need for office visits or dental impressions.

Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

these-dental-clients-took-the-first-step-to-whitening-their-smiles-by-making-sure-their-teeth-and-gums-were-free-of-infections-or-disease-like-tooth-decay-or-periodontitisThe first step to whitening your smile is making sure your teeth and gums are free of infections or disease, like tooth decay or periodontitis. If you haven’t been seen for a checkup in the last 6 months, call us today to schedule your next visit!
Add whitening onto any treatment or appointment. Just ask us how! Plus we offer a complimentary whitening for life program where you can get free whitening gel refills after every 6-month check-up. Call us to get started.